FSAI Anthem


What are the benefits of joining Fsai?

  • FSAI creates a forum for making business connections, and share best practices.
  • Participation and promotion of seminars and conferences.
  • Access to world class research & market intelligence services, counsel from leading analysts, think tanks & consultants.
  • Enables participation in Fsai social cause initiatives.

What are the benefits as individual and as a corporate?

Individual benefits :
  • Opportunity to meet regulatory bodies of state and centre to highlight issues related to public safety.
  • Participation in trade and technical meetings, among fellow professionals.
  • Enabling Fsai facilities at major exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities at these seminars.
  • Opportunity to enroll under Fsai promoted certification and educational programmes.
Corporate benefits :
  • They have growth prospect of serving as board members, and possess voting rights.
  • The company profile as well as product categories would be available on the Fsai website for viewership across the globe.
  • Three members of the corporate would be eligible for attending seminars, training programmes etc.
  • Preferential rates offered to members while attending seminars, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Better prospects of attending international conventions organized in association with Fsai.

We are a bank. How does this benefit us?

  • As a bank the primary objective of keeping public money in safe custody needs expertise and regular inspections. The safe vault, atm facilities, Secure documents etc need foolproof safety measures. At Fsai we dwell into all aspect related to safety and protection of assets,through our seminars and worldwide expertise.
  • Kindly clarify on membership agreement to be governed by its constitution, laws and rules.
  • All members are governed by guidelines & structures laid down by DSK Legal, details of which are provided in our website under legal.

What are the activities of Fsai?

  • Workshops, seminars, conferences and other industry events.
  • School Awareness programmes.
  • Corporate/ community safety programmes.
  • Professional networking meets.

How members are allowed to attend any event or seminar in case of corporate & incase of individuals respectively?

  • For corporate, three members can participate from the organization that they represent, while for individuals it is only one.

Any discounts on membership?

  • Since Fsai is a non profit organization & that our charges are very nominal, therefore discounted rates are not feasible.

What are the sponsorship opportunities?

  • Wider audience across the globe towards showcasing company profile.
  • Free invites for sponsorers for the Fsai seminars and meetings.
  • Vantage display areas provided at seminars to showcase their products and its features.
  • Opportunity to present their products through guest talks, during Fsai seminars.

How frequently are the networking meetings held?

  • Networking meetings are held four to six times annually i.e. alternate months or quarterly.